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Things Found By My Mother

If you are delayed after school — or on a date — be sure to call home to save the folks worrying. Continue reading

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Things Overheard and Remembered

Overheard at a diner recently. One guy exclaiming to the couple on the other side of the booth, “Natural causes? They’re sayin’ he died of natural causes? Who the hell dies of that?”

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NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty-One

I got up very early this morning to go to the book sale in Williamstown and I’d been warned that these bags would be with the “vintage” books but little did I imagine just how mysterious and irresistible they would … Continue reading

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Esse Quam Videra

Esse Quam Videra Continue reading

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Things that make you pause

Sometimes you need to stop and look. Maybe take a photo or two to remember or reference what you stopped to look at. Stopping and looking is always good though. This was my front porch the other morning. Continue reading

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