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It Doesn’t Suck…

In 2011, a friend encouraged me to check out NaNoWriMo – you should do it! – and I was checking it out, realized I needed a free account to see how it really worked, did that and while I became … Continue reading

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Things learned while riding along in NZ

There are plants here that have very different forms as juveniles, “adolescents” and mature plants. Think about it – most of the time if you look at a very young plant it looks like a tinier version of what it … Continue reading

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What Day Is It?

For those moments when you just aren’t sure what day and time it is, the clock app on a phone is quite handy. No idea why Albuquerue is in that list of places, but that’s a separate confusion altogether.

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The Hard Work of New Paint

Oh the toil and angst and hard work of it all: the picking and obtaining of new colors. I usually mix my real darks as I need them. Lighter greys can be had but I felt I needed a grey … Continue reading

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