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Today, Poetry

Today at lunch I wrote a poem about war and thought this is what it’s come to after all these years of killing. War again. That’s not the poem but it’s what I was thinking.

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End of August Postcard Poetry Fest 2017

I got a lot of postcards and enjoyed the cards themselves and the words written on them. Some of the poems were striking, one gave me chills (in a good way) and all made the connection we all hope for: … Continue reading

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Sunday out and around here and there

I went and procured tomatoes. Real ripe tomatoes. I needed a tomato sandwich and I needed it bad. I had a peach for dessert. Diddled around at home for awhile and then went out late to the nearby pond and … Continue reading

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chasing clouds

The clouds today were big and puffy and fun. Here’s all the photos I took this morning on the way to work. And after a long day at work, and even though I should be writing a poem to send … Continue reading

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Friday Night Excitement

There I was, writing a too-long poem for August Poetry Postcard and… a bat appears. Let me just say, I moved pretty darn fast. Locked myself in the bathroom while I tried to figure out what to do, having no … Continue reading

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