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A Very Good Mail Day

Small box on front porch •
inside reminders: freedom •
hard won and maintained. • Continue reading

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Today’s Mail and Thoughts

Tonight as I was leaving work, I was chatting with another co-worker (also in the “older” bracket of my worksite) about stuff. I was telling him what my next month’s goals were – world peace poetry postcards, sent also to … Continue reading

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Twitter anyone?

I am always looking to see what User Number people are when they’re on Twitter. I got in fairly early, March 2007, just as the membership curve leapt upward and I’m perhaps unjustifiably proud that my Twitter number is 2,720,811 … Continue reading

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What You’ll See and Not See in 2017

So it’s a bizarre thing to be a blogger and an artist and writer. Part of the reason I blog is to share my process and work in progress along with whatever catches my eye or ends up in my … Continue reading

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Alive and well in Wales!

Had a most wonderful time at the writing workshop. Seven students, four tutors and many pages of writing and thought. And hours of chat about writing. So much goodness and so little news.  I have a lot of photos of … Continue reading

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