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Going to a peaceful place?

I guess when you can’t deal with current events making a peaceful place for a little while is a good thing My palette when it was all said and done: One of those old white tshirts I’d cut up to … Continue reading

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Mid-December, where’ve you been MB?

I have realized that I haven’t been posting here since my return from Wales. I think this happened after my NZ trip too. It seems to take e me time to recover from the jet lag (and after NZ, the … Continue reading

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And it wasn’t a bad day, my second day back to work. I do feel rusty at work but that will pass. It’s nice to feel missed. Towards the end of the day I found a lady sitting and watching … Continue reading

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Oooh Passport Excitement!

Turns out that the nice man at the Manchester Airport Entry Point must have stamped my passport while chatting me up about my novel! How very exciting!

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Home again, home again

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