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Mission Accomplished!

At Zealandia, today: HURRAY!

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Packing it up (or down)

For kicks tonight, I thought I’d try one of the compression packs I got awhile ago. One thing I learned during last year’s trip (right after – don’t over pack!) was that having to repack your jumbled up stuff all … Continue reading

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The Delivery Guy Cometh

Anyway that starts tomorrow and hopefully the packages will arrive on Wednesday. I do have paint and such to get started if I need to leap in tomorrow. Or I could just do a load of wash and iron all that fabric and… cut it up? Continue reading

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That Ah Ha Moment

I think my “Summer with Vincent” has paid off in one of life’s big Ah HA! moments and I am grateful, very grateful for that. Going off now to start making that ah HA moment a reality.

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What to do when you need a distraction

Anyway, the only thing I found of interest was a big waterproof map of just London, Southern England, Wales and Cornwall. Wait, you mean I can’t zoom in on this paper map? LOL we’re so spoiled by digital maps! Continue reading

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