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Tuesday, the 14th of NaNoWriMo

Anyway the mission was to get them there and back and then to find some way to get some words written. And that happened too. Continue reading

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Two weeks and growing and adventuring

Well they’re actually two and a half months old but they have sure grown since they moved in. They are sweet and adorable and cute as all get out which is good because they’re into EVERYThing. They leap tall buildings … Continue reading

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Houston, we have kittehs!

Yes, yes, yes, you’re saying. We know you have kittens. They’re 100%, 24/7 adorable. Got it. Well, I think these kittens finally have names! Ginny (top) and Harry (bottom)

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Today’s Blur of Kittens

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Where that Experiment Ended Up

Remember me messing around with clouds with a splash of gouache? I finally scanned the end result wherein I filled in the land area and then made it darker. In reality though my life is all about these two little … Continue reading

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