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2017 New Zealand Tiki Tour

This and That, Here and There

Worked on this painting, based on a photo from New Zealand. First pass was ok, then too wet to continue working. Tonight I focused on correcting the colors by glazing on the hills and adding shadows and close texture. Hanging … Continue reading

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Home. Week One in Progress.

Woke up this morning when the alarm went off and was granted 45 minutes back in bed because some kitten – yes say it with me – SOME KITTEN …. Continue reading

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Last day in NZ

I’m uploading photos and such while sitting in LAX airport – what better way to spend a long layover than enjoying the photos of your trip? Our last day, Marge and I took a walk down to the beach. Started … Continue reading

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Thursday in New Zealand

I have zipped my suitcase shut. Thus endeth my labors for this morning.  This guy did not help me, lol.

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Wednesday evening and the Garden photos

Uploaded some of the garden photos from Maple Glen Garden. They start here: Sunset photos from tonight’s dinner at the Fisherman’s Table:

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