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Started quilting

Almost forgot to post – I started quilting my 911 quilt quilt last night.

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what does it mean?

Ron arrived back home on Wednesday. Extremely tired from working nights and not sleeping much days, so the first order of business was catching up on some sleep. We’re still talking here and there about what happened while he was … Continue reading

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25 September 2001

With the tower wall down, workers should be able to work more freely in the World Trade Center area, Giuliani said. So far, 115,755 tons of debris have been removed from the site, he said. The concept of 115,755 tons … Continue reading

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24 September 2001

September 21, 2001 Friend and former co-worker Karen emailed me: Mike and I had just gotten into the office when we heard about the first plane. In my last "innocent" moment, I believed that the plane crash was an accident. … Continue reading

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wait, silliness?

Oh wait – a bit of silliness. Wait a minute – that would mean I do silly things in my sewing room. Oh….. I guess that’s true sometimes.

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