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Blown around town

Just a note – blogger isn’t playing well with many folks, myself included, so expect intermittant posts. Check here for posts if you think I’m snoozing. Might have to send in the troops to straighten those folks out in the … Continue reading

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Grey October day

What the Wind Left Us In spring the tent worms Gnawed the leaves to nubs And left the brown woods Fringed in green.The summer’s record highs Between crushing rains bent us All down and swept away the rest. So when … Continue reading

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Computer time this weekend

I’ve begun some serious development work on this, WordPress version of my blog.  If you want to see the “original” and give your two cents, you can click the – original site link in the blogroll at left or … Continue reading


Happy B’day lil’ iPodroosky….

Seems like only yesterday, but true — five years for iPod! My original 5 gig iPod is still going strong, too. As is my 10 gig…

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And now for a different kind of religion…

Perhaps the delightful Suzette would like to comment on the appearance of a new edition of The Joy of Cooking as reported in the NYT mag as well today?  We have had discussions in the past about the value of … Continue reading

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