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seen from above

This photo on Astronomy Pic of the Day is worth a peek and a ponder! Nice one to mark the return of APOD to the blog roster.

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There’s rummaging…

and then there is rummaging. I spent a part of tonight rummaging in the sewing room. Pushing back the stacks of fabrics, trying (successfully!) not to dump beads everywhere…. knowing I should re-roll quilts sometime soon. This put me in … Continue reading

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yet another monday, randomized

I know that when you have a large collection of quotes, chosen by yourself, it’s likely you chose them because you liked them. I am often amazed though how often the random quote chooser apparently picks out just the right … Continue reading

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Things Mages want Non-Mages to know

LOL and they wonder why mages are notoriously mean….. read ’em people, read ’em!. Shoot a pst if you have questions. Or better yet, don’t do that – ask someone else. We’re done with you. Politeness will get you everywhere; … Continue reading

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The Creep of Seasons

In the morning when the alarm goes off, it’s no longer the dark of dark. There’s a bit of color off to the east. Sometimes by the time I hit the road there’s a proper sunrise going on – by … Continue reading

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