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First round of photos

 Summer Seen From September, 2001 Been awhile since I had the whole photo setup going so I think I’ll take another whack at this tomorrow.

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Onward and upward to official photographs

Even though I have no intention to sell this quilt, I’ve learned that photography MUST happen before the quilt goes to its first show or else!  So that’s what’s happening in awhile.

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The World of Multi-Media

Yes it’s come to this that I have to test a new plug-in to allow wordpress posts to spill across into the so-called “social network” sites.  Here’s hoping it all works!

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all familiar all over again

That strange period after the push to finish – still that strong connection to the newly-finished piece with the strange tugs of “what’s next?”

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99.9% done

There are always some threads to finish and lint etc to remove, but all the handwork is done: binding on, sleeves on, label on. Done is done. Updated photos are available here.

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