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Art in Embassies

Nice article in today’s NYTimes about the programs that put US art into American Embassies around the world. Long-time readers will remember that my piece, along with some others’, from the Roots of Racism exhibit were sent to the US … Continue reading

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sometimes you wonder where everyone went..

and sometimes you realize you had comments turned off, LOL. All better now.


Sometimes a little attitude goes a long way

I was actually rummaging for something else and stopped by Susan Arbetter’s blog at the TU.  There I discover she’s asking folks to “submit your coup haiku” to memorialize (?) the silliness/travesty that is the NYS Legislature.  Who could resist … Continue reading

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in case you were wondering…

I’m making a copy of my World of Warcraft folder onto a portable hard drive and turns out, it’s 17.83 G of MMORPG goodness!  Granted – all the patches, a few photos, a couple text files of old inventory when … Continue reading

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Blog administrivia

For those wondering what the heck is going on here, even those who have been wondering about that since early 2001: I love the notion of the Internet – a place where people can communicate over time and space without … Continue reading

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