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Love is all you need…

like the great Beatles song says, but love and taking the time to say so and sending it out in the world – maybe more important! From a great newsletter I get from Robert Genn: “Time is all you have. … Continue reading

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Following along at home?

I started a new gallery page where I’ll throw any photos involving fabric and such that come along.  Will be experimenting with uploading directly from phone so expect a lot of off-hand snaps.

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Ah! love’s sweet discourse…. um…. texting….

Thanks to the NYTime’ Julia Heffernan for a fabulous look at the not so virtual intersection of relationship and technology: I’m starting to think that Internet romances, including Mark Sanford’s, are not romances between people at all. They’re affairs with … Continue reading

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From the Quote Box

Doing is the great thing. For if, resolutely, people do what is right, in time they come to like doing it. — John Ruskin

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The non-quilting and the quilting and how they relate

Yesterday I took three little pieces of gold to a place that buys gold in all its forms.  The nice man looked at them, weighed them and made me an offer.  I had already decided that unless the offer was … Continue reading

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