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Why I live where I live

This field of buttercups made me pull over with total disregard for the groceries I had in the trunk.

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Hold that thought

The next time someone sniffs and snootily implies that it’s not “art” unless it’s painted, hand-dyed, printed or messed with somehow, I’m going to remember these 2592 pieces and their related seams and think something pretty unprintable in their direction. … Continue reading

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The big bang

I was going to type “stands for goodness” but actually the big bang last night made all my hair stand up on end, made the power go off for a long moment and made two of the three cats invisible … Continue reading

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To Do List

worms moved to new bedding….. check Composted stuff made especially for me by worms, put into side garden….. check

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warez MB?

Had great time at East Side’s annual retreat to Son Rise camp – lots of work done by lots of gung ho quilters. I started out with a huge stint of ironing – all those seams to press open on … Continue reading

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