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Good intentions

I went upstairs last night. I turned on my extra side light. I turned on the machine. I watched Antiques Road Show until I couldn’t stay awake. I turned off the machine. I turned off the extra side light. I … Continue reading

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another voice on voice

I have subscribed to Robert Genn’s newsletter for like forever, but today’s was especially good: First off, and contrary to what I’ve said before, plans can actually derail the voice-finding process. Further, you have to know what you mean by … Continue reading

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Nothing like

…a nice clean sewing machine. Clean, oiled and ready to go.

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Well it’s not really so “quasi” because some progress still counts as progress. Allow me that moment when I hang up the in-progress quilt, step back to admire both the quilting and the progress and… wait, where was I quilting … Continue reading

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And counting


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