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Happens to everyone?

Inspiration: I don’t feel as full of inspiration as I once was. — Nora Ephron, NYTimes interview

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Black Friday, and the cat story that started it out.

I actually stayed in the mall for a brief time after my stint at the fruit stand. Why? To get the first official, serious holiday present. Yes I did. Then I stopped at my local eating place in Nassau. It’s … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Woke up this morning and thought… mmmmm….. warm…. just a couple more minutes….. and next thing I knew it was an hour later and the power was off. Luckily the stovetop percolator saved the coffee day and I can use … Continue reading

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Frezon News Flash!

According to Chris Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen, heard on NPR this morning, our Mashed potatoes are, wait for it, “a lost recipe” for whipped potatoes. Which, further, America’s Test Kitchen thought were impossible and to be discouraged. What????? In … Continue reading

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almost half done with piecing

just started fifth-to-last column. I should be able to get these last ones sewn on tonight. Then, as May Son-Rise goers will recall, a whole lotta ironing to do to press everything open and then sewing in the other direction. … Continue reading

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