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Things that make me grateful

just a little quiet shout out for people who are supportive and helpful in my moments of thinking and doubt or for no particular reason at all. I was thinking about something re my work this past week, sent off … Continue reading

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Jokes Quilters Play

Sitting at lunch, admiring my little strips of triangles from last night. Make a few notes. The joke? The pieces are either a little too large or a little too small. Rarely do you have a whole lot of pieces … Continue reading

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From the Quote Box

“Has every apprentice a teacher and a benefactor?” I asked to ease my turmoil. “No, not every apprentice. Some do.” “Why do some of them have both a teacher and a benefactor?” “When an ordinary man is ready, power provides … Continue reading

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What Quilters do

When they don’t have anything else to do and they’re just messing around.


Sacred Threads Show and other notions

Welcome Sacred Threads visitors and enjoy the photos. Back home and done all the mundane: unpacking, grocery shopping, some laundry, a bit of lawn-mowing. That separation or distinction between the sacred and the mundane makes each more special and life … Continue reading

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