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A few late night #haiku – Farewell to May

Turn the calendar • Turn the page to June’s newness • Farewell to the May. Continue reading

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Browns… Must have more browns

When I started to do that, there wasn’t really anything that stuck out at me as needing replacing, but I switched out a few and they didn’t stick out either. So I guess that’s all good. Continue reading

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Dreams of @neilhimself and being Jubilee ready

It’s very rare that I remember any dreams and probably the only reason I remember this one is because I woke up from surprise. I found myself standing in a small kitchen with a couple people sitting at a table. … Continue reading

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early evening haiku

cuz that’s what kind of day it was: everything’s disturbed out of place, hint of panic, want to hide my head. Remedy for day, Wherein I’m worn to a nub Martini on porch.

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Compulsive Counting

I confess that I can be a compulsive counter: squares, blocks, silverware, you name it. OK, little heath bars. There I’ve said it. Continue reading

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