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A rose…

My nephew-in-law Aaron gave each of the ladies today a rose, which was sweet of him and which is gracing my dresser tonight, safely out of reach of curious cats. Thanks Aaron! Continue reading

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The Eve of April, 2013

Fear in the starting but joy to come home • the road ahead paved with thirty new poems. Continue reading

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What people do for fun

Which just goes to show you that sometimes word geeks just wanna have fun and do it doing what they love. Continue reading

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Peeps Experiment, 2013

Two friends and I were just chatting about sweet potatoes and such and it came to a small wager on the point of whether peeps melt in the oven or not. Marshmallows melt, of course but would the favorite little spring confection? Continue reading

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Saturday – and Sunny

Where is the data that you seek most pained? •
A woeful lack of backup now explained. Continue reading

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