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Lunar Eclipse

Although I wish the media would give up the hype about “super” this and “super” that and “won’t happen again until we tell you in many years” sort of stuff, the eclipse of the moon is cool to watch.

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Aging Gracefully

Via the Doonesbury homepage, a source of great wisdom and funnies. Might be all we need this week.

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Typing and Typewriters

I first typed on a much older big black typewriter. I took a typing class in High School where we learned on both the standard manual typewriters and on the brand-y new IBM selectrics. These were looked at with skepticism … Continue reading

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What do you want?

Here’s what Robert Bly wanted one day, via The Writer’s Almanac What is it that I want? Not money, Not a large desk, not a house with ten rooms. This is what I want to do: to sit here, To … Continue reading

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Happy Punctuation Day!

Are you busy checking your writing for commas, periods, and semi-colons? Take a moment and enjoy Punctuation Day!

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