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It’s the Little Things

Thank you to the man, probably a manager, at the bistro I just ate in at LAX. They seemed to be having logistical and supply issues. I got my dinner ordered along with an iced tea and a newcastle. He … Continue reading

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Two weeks and growing and adventuring

Well they’re actually two and a half months old but they have sure grown since they moved in. They are sweet and adorable and cute as all get out which is good because they’re into EVERYThing. They leap tall buildings … Continue reading

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Houston, we have kittehs!

Yes, yes, yes, you’re saying. We know you have kittens. They’re 100%, 24/7 adorable. Got it. Well, I think these kittens finally have names! Ginny (top) and Harry (bottom)

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Life — from the quote box

Listen to life, and you will hear the voice of life crying, Be! — James Dillet Freeman

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The Hard Work of New Paint

Oh the toil and angst and hard work of it all: the picking and obtaining of new colors. I usually mix my real darks as I need them. Lighter greys can be had but I felt I needed a grey … Continue reading

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