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Halloween 2017

The sun was shining and I was out and about to look at it. Quick stop at Bucky’s Bagels in New Lebanon for an egg salad on pumpernickel to go, and to find out that next week they start with … Continue reading

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This and That, Here and There

Worked on this painting, based on a photo from New Zealand. First pass was ok, then too wet to continue working. Tonight I focused on correcting the colors by glazing on the hills and adding shadows and close texture. Hanging … Continue reading

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Home. Week One in Progress.

Woke up this morning when the alarm went off and was granted 45 minutes back in bed because some kitten – yes say it with me – SOME KITTEN …. Continue reading

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Last day in NZ

I’m uploading photos and such while sitting in LAX airport – what better way to spend a long layover than enjoying the photos of your trip? Our last day, Marge and I took a walk down to the beach. Started … Continue reading

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Thursday in New Zealand

I have zipped my suitcase shut. Thus endeth my labors for this morning.  This guy did not help me, lol.

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