All kinds of stuff in progress

I spent part of yesterday and today making stuff with yeast. I spent another part of the days taking care of cats, in particular Gus. I spent another part of the days making my head hurt over PHP/mySQL stuff on I spent the last part of my days working on the new quilt top. It’s almost 1/4 pieced. Not quite. I realized that I have an extra column of pieces laid out for it and I’m not sure if I should stick with it or ask for forgiveness from the show organizer who set the size requirements. C’mon. Less than an inch and a half. Who’ll know?

yeah yeah yeah. Somedays are just like that. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain and then Katrina will be smoooshed upstream to rain down on us some more. We need the rain , but no one needs a hurricane. I suppose it’s all in the turn of days, the turn of the seasons. That slice of lemon half moon I saw hanging low in the sky the other night. The comfort of a blanket in late August.

I am drawn to sewing all these small squares together and can’t wait to see each additional row as it joins. This is really the exciting part of the process to me – to see the ragged irregular collection of squares on my foam board move to the sewing machine and become regular again. Coherent and strong and bigger. And I like it!

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