Yup, that’s it – our tradition

I’m borrowing this from Fiona Ritchie’s website because it’s not often I see mention of our one real family New Year tradition:

Open the Door

Open the door for the auld year,
It is the pairtin-time
Open the door for the new year
And lat the bairn win hame.

Bundle your winter’d joy and grief
On the back o’ the year that’s dune:
Open your hert for the new life
And lat the bairn come in.

by William Soutar
Title: Open the Door
Source: The Poems of William Souter, Scottish Academic Press, 1988

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One Response to Yup, that’s it – our tradition

  1. betty frezon says:

    How wonderful. My dad had something going with the door thing. I love doing it even if it means I need to stay awake. I just barely made it happen this year.

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