Billsville Book Sale

Also known as the huge annual book sale which benefits the Milne Library in Williamstown. Yeah yeah yeah, I know I didn’t need any books. Need… want… books… Books that followed me home and why.

From The Elements of Lettering, Chapter One, “Theoretical Elements, The General Problem”

13. WHOLE AND PARTS. Things are made up of parts, and the parts of a perfect thing are perfect also, and perfectly related to one another. Whether we realize perfection as Goodness, as Truth, or as Beauty, the proposition stands. A thing is not good unless its parts, and their arrangement, contribute to its usefulness. And a true thing is made up of parts which share its genuineness. So also with Beauty. A beautiful thing is made up of admirable parts, admirably arranged. The goodness, the truth, and the beauty of whole things cannot be achieved, if these aspects of perfection are not achieved also in the parts of which they are built. — John Howard Benson and Arthur Graham Carey, McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1950

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  1. Betty says:

    I think that book found a good home. Someone who understands it.

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