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I try to keep politics out of the blogspace here, but sometimes you just gotta take the laughs where you can. Today I was toodling along, listening to the radio when there appears former Governor George Pataki being interviewed on WAMC. Apparently once again he’s doing the mysterious “am I running for President?” thing where he noises about awhile (half-heartedly and shyly going to primary states and then not doing well in polls or anything else), probably hoping that the party will say “oh George, we need you – we can’t run these other guys – will you help us out?” “Awww shucks, I wasn’t going to run but since you need me, sure.”

Anyway, there he is, getting asked very good questions by a seasoned reporter and he’s doing a pretty good job describing himself as a Conservative, wanting-less-government Republican and she asks “what do you make of the current declared candidates and the ones that are considered the front-runners?” and he says

“You know, I think there’s a tremendous depth of quality in the Republican field this year…”

At this point I am yelling at the radio – Oh George, way to blow your own cred! You’re going to describe those whacks collectively as “a tremendous depth of quality”??? Really? You’re crazier than you seem!

But then I realized that “depth of quality” is five syllables, so who am I to argue with a free gift?

Which brings me to my humble offerings for tonight’s haiku brought to you by the letter V, in a few different ways. Thanks for all the good material. I enjoyed the interview, seriously. And I’m thinking of working ‘depth of quality’ into my day to day convos.

I, a voter, laughed!
George said his party had a
“depth of quality”

I can’t verify
that George Patiki will run
just that he hopes to.

George keeps on hoping
in the clinch he’ll get the nod
but voters say, “who?”

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  1. Betty says:

    A name I have not thought of in awhile. Come on.

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