Day 28 — NaPoWriMo

I’m still stuck on the news and the Gettysburg Address and all the video of people cleaning up in Baltimore just as other people in other cities have had to clean up after looting and anger took over their city streets. I can’t help but think what could be done if all that energy were directed to putting new people into office and reclaiming our country.

The Great Task

It is rather for us to be here dedicated
to the great task remaining before us
— Abraham Lincoln

Maybe it’s not yours to fight a war
or to save someone from a burning bus
maybe you will never go viral
or have a road named for you
but you can do your bit:
vote every single time,
go to town meetings,
go to your kids’ school,
clean up and plant things,
decide what needs to be fixed,
and be determined in how to get it done.
Maybe anger is called for
but action by many is what it takes
Slow steady pressure toward change.
Know your neighbors,
watch out for each other,
try new things, meet new people,
be intolerant only of evil and greed
encourage tolerance and acceptance
let people know where you stand and why
think about: what’s the right thing to do?
talk about: how’s the best way to do it?
know that: we are the vehicles of change
and our lives, every day, fuel it.

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