Z – NaPoWriMo

Today, the last of the A to Z Challenge. It was a fun side project for NaPoWriMo, some days’ letters being more challenging than others not only because of limited word choices but also in striking a bit of inspiration. Today it was a scroll through my phone’s dictionary to get the “Z” choices stirred up but then I saw this and it all fell into place.

An April zazen
light filtering through new leaves
green, sun, in one eye.

An April zazen
cold morning on a warm rock
the world, life-giving.

An April zazen
late spring snow showers may come
so do daffodils.

An April zazen
each day brings a new season
winter or the spring

An April zazen
month of the unexpected
the nature of existence

An April zazen
thirty days have passed over
and now it’s May.

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2 Responses to Z – NaPoWriMo

  1. perfect way to end the month… I like the repetition of the first line… beautiful poem.

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