The Light in the Sky

After reading the Sunday funnies, I went right to the birthday horoscope:

That bit at the top of the right column is for Virgo also, today’s view.

After a marvelous dinner with Mom, which we were so busy eating that I failed to take any photos, it was some chatting and then dessert. Mine is the one with two cherries because Mom likes me.

On the way home, at last there was a big light in the sky. Last night’s moon might have been fuller but this one was just beautiful.

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2 Responses to The Light in the Sky

  1. betty frezon says:

    Nice treat. Love the moon pictures. We have been lucky with the clear views for a few nights.
    Happy we had a great night catching up. We know how to celebrate.
    Liked your choice of topping off the meal.

  2. AJ says:

    Glad your Mom likes you! (He he he!) Wonderful celebration and particularly beautiful moon. Part of the celebration, which, of course, goes on for a week or a month or whatever suits your fancy this year. Wishing many more fancies and wonderful birthdays!

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