Twenty-third of October?

Somehow November is rushing up as October finally starts acting like October, showing all her colors and her flirty warm days and foreshadowing chill nights. I realized November was not far off when I was unpacking my groceries last week and found, um, supplies. That’s it, there were NaNoWriMo – supplies – in the bag. Just the essentials: Mini Heath Bars and some square caramels.

I’ll take a moment to say that I like caramels. Quite a bit. Mom often treats me to caramel creams or cow tales – cream filled caramels and I love those. I am also quite fond of Brach’s Milk Maid Caramels. I was beginning to think there was some world-wide shortage of these because they just weren’t anywhere to be found. Last week though, as the apples started coming in, of course there they were, back on the grocery shelf.

So, those, some mini Heath Bars and some ruby port and some Bully Hill sweet red wine. Think I’m ready.

I’m re-reading my previous NaNoWriMo story to get back in the character swing. Come November 1, I’ll be telling the next part of the story!

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One Response to Twenty-third of October?

  1. Betty(Mom) says:

    I love intrigue can hardly wait. The supplies in that is always good. Ever ready.
    Let the challenge begin.

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