The oddities of memory

Mom sent me home last night with two homemade stickie buns. She warned me to watch for the caramel part because it hardened a bit. I can do that! And the first one I enjoyed was super good.

Tonight I broke out the second one. As I broke off the first bit of caramel and popped it into my mouth, the slightly smoky smell of that sweetness hit me and broke open a memory of making taffy with my Aunt Marie.

I can’t even begin to tell you when that would have been except pre-high school. I remember making a molasses-flavored taffy, not sure what other flavors we might have done. We hand pulled it of course and cut it into little rectangles and then wrapped it with waxed paper.

I have no explanation for the why around this little culinary event but I’d never turn down a homemade molasses taffy!

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One Response to The oddities of memory

  1. betty frezon says:

    good memory. I was not in on that treat.

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