Get a ukulele!

I remembered to go get the lyrics to this Ukulele Anthem which was the ending of The Art of Asking audiobook (there are advantages when a musician does a book and then makes it an audiobook!)

From Ukulele Anthem, by Amanda Palmer

See what happens when you muzzle

A person’s creativity
And do not let them sing and scream
And nowadays it’s worse ’cause kids have automatic handguns
It takes about an hour to teach someone to play the ukulele
About the same to teach someone to build a standard pipe bomb

So play your favorite cover song, especially if the words are wrong
‘Cause even if your grades are bad, it doesn’t mean you’re failing
Do your homework with a fork
And eat your fruit loops in the dark
And bring your flask of jack to work
And play your ukulele

Ukulele, thing of wonder
Ukulele, wand of thunder
You can play the ukulele, too
In London and down under
Play joan jett, and play jacques brel
And eminem and neutral milk ho-
Tell the children
Crush the hatred
Play your ukulele naked
If anybody tries to steal your ukulele, let them take it

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2 Responses to Get a ukulele!

  1. Betty Frezon says:

    That s very interesting. Fun song.

  2. Betty Frezon says:

    That s very interesting. Fun song.

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