Dusting Off for the New Year Ahead

While twiddling around looking for the cause of a different problem altogether, I started to think that it was probably time for a little updating on this blog. Nothing serious, just a little sprucing up. I’ve been pretty pleased with how it all works, but I’ve cobbled together the wordpress theme that does things behind the scenes but the code behind things has changed, the underpinnings of WordPress are always being updated and well you know I’ve probably changed some too.

All this is to tell you that I’ll be fiddling around with things here. This is the start, but may get tweaked some over the next few weeks. It was a pleasant bit of time over the past few days to look into new themes (the structure that you see) and look into how they can be altered. I love the wordpress community and how they answer questions and make things possible.

Let me know if you encounter any weirdnesses and we’ll go sailing into the new year together!

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One Response to Dusting Off for the New Year Ahead

  1. Betty Frezon says:

    Hi it looks slicker already. Have fun.

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