Remembering Robert Genn’s Eleven Steps

1. Art is a perfectly complete cause.
2. You are solely responsible for doing the work required to become better.
3. You are responsible for understanding your limitations.
4. You are responsible for radicalizing your strengths.
5. Make a searching and fearless inventory of your creative curiosity.
6. Pay no attention to the less courageous.
7. Learn from the greats, and expose yourself to better work.
8. Read in order to write, but paint in order to paint.
9. Be artistic, choose taste, set an example.
10. “Play” is your route to mastery.
11. In the art game we do our own cooking.
Robert Genn, as written by his daughter Sara Genn

Art is a path on which we honour our world. — Robert Genn

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One Response to Remembering Robert Genn’s Eleven Steps

  1. Betty Frezon Mom says:

    Mary Beth that is beautiful and helpful. When we emerse ourselves in our art whatever it is we bring ourselves to a special place. Sometimes the magic happens and we transcend into a special place and forget all else. I enjoy doing that when I really get into a quilt or special project. Forget the rest of the world and live in the one I am in at that moment. Thanks for the reminder of how good that is to do.

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