Entering Mordor

Maybe one does not simply walk into Mordor, but today it sure felt like a bunch of us were driving into it.

It was bright and sunny and 55°F when I left home this morning. Bright blue skies, puffy clouds after a night of deluging rain, thunder and lightning for several hours. The Kinderhook was way out of its banks.

As I got closer to the Hudson, the slant of light changed. I could see a rim of clouds ahead with slices of light hitting the top of the hills behind Guilderland. If I was going to invent a gadget for the car it would be a camera that I could direct with my eyes, to take a photo of what I’m looking at, without having to do all the steps. Look, “Click”, done.

Anyway, black black black ridge of clouds with a fairly dark gray ridge above it. And big ploppy drops of rain falling out of them both. All the headlights came on and the windshield wipers.

I pulled into the very wet parking lot and sat a moment watching people run into the mall and then I grabbed my stuff and did the same. Spent part of the morning remembering my trip to Mordor last year.

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  1. betty frezon says:

    I am sure you are thinking New Zealand. Beautiful country side. and of course Marge. Our weather has been goofy. Yesterday was bone chilling almost all day. At least sun this a.m.. 2/26/16

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