Day Two as a Human Book

I had a good time during day two as a book in the Human Library. We were so well cared for – tshirt, lunch, beverages and snacks, gift card and cake! Thanks to all the organizers. I had great conversations with readers and many other books. Amazing stuff. If you ever have the chance to attend a Human Library I hope you’ll seize it!

My last reader of the day was my Mom – who drove herself over and did the same sort of flailing around I did when I arrived on Friday. But she got there in time and we had a nice chat about blogging. Then I skipped the closing cake and took her over to Karen’s Quilting Shop so we could fondle a bit of fabric and then we had dinner in Averill Park at Lakeview. A good time was had by all. Thanks Mom!

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One Response to Day Two as a Human Book

  1. betty frezon says:

    thank you Mary Beth I had a great time and the fabric store was great and the dinner was wonderful.
    So happy I went to Williams college and saw what the Human Books was all about. Very wonderful program. We can learn something new every day. I learned a lot about finding my way on campus. LOL I did enjoy the whole experience. Thank you.

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