Found Enroute To Something Else

Process. Process. Process.

Usually, the basic thread that runs through our experience is our desire to have a purely goal-oriented process: everything, we feel, should be done in relation to our ambition, our competitiveness, our one-upmanship. That is what usually drives us to become greater professors, greater mechanics, greater carpenters, greater poets. Dharma—passionlessness—cuts through this small, goal-oriented vision, so that everything becomes purely a learning process. This permits us to relate with our lives fully and properly. So, taking refuge in the dharma as path, we develop the sense that it is worthwhile to walk on this earth. Nothing is regarded as just a waste of time; nothing is seen as a punishment or as a cause of resentment and complaint.

Taking Refuge

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2 Responses to Found Enroute To Something Else

  1. betty frezon says:

    all good thoughts.

  2. AJ says:

    It’s good to walk on this earth, one foot in front of the other, being in the moment, seeing, listening, learning. Because it is, now.

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