End of Day Progress Report

First off, before I worked on the quilting stuff, I sat myself down to do a small watercolor. I worked with a general idea of my primroses and roses and was pretty pleased with the results. I heard the voice of my recent watercolor instructor saying “there’s no light without darks” and the pleasure he expressed mixing some purples into whatever he was interested in darkening up.

Then I left it drying while I went upstairs to choose a back for the work-in-progress that has no name. I looked again at the blue print and it was ok. Let me tell you friends, there’s nothing much to make the heart glad than deciding on black, pulling off the fabric from the bolt and measuring it, finding it’s just not enough (and I mean JUST, even if I err on being generous most of the time) and then having another whole bolt of black at the ready. Yup. That’s how I roll: always have black ready to go.

So I measured and ironed and pinned and sewed and ironed. I measured and cut batting. I cleared off my cutting table and positioned the back and the batting on it. I cleared off my big ironing board and re-ironed the whole top, all the seams, again. Quick like a bunny I laid that onto the batting before all those seams could start flapping around again. I stuck a few pins in it. I moved my boombox and the cables for hooking my iPhone into it to that room so I can continue listening to The Two Towers while I’m pinning.

Now I’m pooped and taking it easy with Razzie here along side me for company. I am enjoying the minty iced cubes in an adult beverage and looking at the difference between the wet watercolor taken with my iPhone and the dry one that I did on the scanner. And I printed out a couple copies of the WIP to think about what I might do (other than the traditional “quilt the hell out of it”) quilting-wise.

But no rush there. There’s work to be done before the quilting starts.

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