How much stuff can your brain do?

I’m becoming convinced that quilting and the figuring and measuring and all that I’m doing in this part of it, knocks out whatever words might have come out of my brain. Getting anything down for today’s August Postcard Poetry Fest postcard was tough. So I wrote about this problem, LOL. Bleah, my brain is empty.

I have gotten eight lovely postcards so far, plus a bonus one from Mom sent while she was in Norwich VT (where we went for years to the Vermont Quilt Festival!). Thanks everyone! (And for the record, Mom’s postcard had a poem on the back!)

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One Response to How much stuff can your brain do?

  1. Betty says:

    Soon your quilt will be done and you can resume the wimscial play with words game.
    Lots going on with the quilt to distract you. It is gorgeous I am sure. So rejoice in finishing it and then move on to the joy of words flowing.
    Glad your card from me found it’s way to your box. Snail mail can be fun.

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