Mom and I, Snow and Snow

Mom and I went to Lowell to visit the New England Quilt Museum and arrived just in time for a blizzard. The museum was closed on Thursday but we did get in on Friday due to the New England-ish work ethics of one of the employees. We of course had brought lots of stuff to keep us busy and we spent the blizzard day watching the snow and the snow clearing crew out the window and binging on Pokemon and political stuff.

Came home, shoveled out my driveway, went to work the next day.

Spent Sunday snowed in again.

Rinse and repeat!

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2 Responses to Mom and I, Snow and Snow

  1. betty frezon says:

    Blizzard did not stop us from having fun. We even had a meal in the UMass cafeteria the UMass Inn and Conference place we stayed at showed us around and offered it as a choice because of the snow. Great being with all the young people. Did I say how young they looked. Vacations are filled with adventures.
    Go with it and enjoy. We were well taken care of. Mary Beth and I had our quiet time and just enjoyed our time together.

  2. AJ says:

    The trip sounds just wonderful, in spite of nearly missing the quilt museum. Thank goodness you didn’t miss it after all! You two know how to have fun AND go with the flow.

    I understand that the quilt sculpture in the photo is made of 200 quilts, cut up. Yike! I’d have to cry while I cut one up, let alone 200.

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