Watercolorists at Work

One of the books I brought home today was this: Watercolorists at Work by Susan Meyer and Norman Kent, 1972. Norman Kent, when editor of American Artist had asked twenty-five artists to contribute to a book showing their process. His successor, Susan Meyer brought the book to publication after his death. What a book it is. Each artist, in alphabetical order, has several pages of photos and text showing a work start to finish.

Tonight as I was spending time with the book I turned a page and there was John Pike, known to me as the creator of the palette I use, developing a fine ocean scene.

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2 Responses to Watercolorists at Work

  1. Betty says:

    I knew you would find treasures. This was worth the trip.

  2. Audrey Gorman aka AJ says:

    What a wonderful find, on so many levels. As your Mom said, this alone was worth the trip! Vast treasure, reward of your quest!

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