Friday, trying. I’m trying. And why

If you recall, my motto is Practice, Persistence, Beauty. In that spirit I got myself out of the house, put a coffee and breakfast sandwich in my hand and splattered paint on paper for a short while before work. My goal – don’t be saying a few years from now – wish I’d used my paints…

When you set a timer because you really need to pack up and leave by a particular time, it puts what you’re doing in a different light – will not be finished, will not be perfect, what am I doing, sketch, darks, shadows, lights, what’s in the frame…

I got a little distracted by an oriole and some territorial canadian geese with a handful of goslings and maybe a fox sparrow and could that be some sort of warbler up there but despite it all some paint ended up on the paper and then I went to the other work.

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3 Responses to Friday, trying. I’m trying. And why

  1. Betty Frezon Mom says:

    Your could always manage your time. Another gift.

  2. AJ says:

    Love the motto and today’s expression of it, Mary Beth. Would you tell me a bit about the heraldic meanings, especially the raven? with a heart in its claw, the flowers atop – strawberries?; the flowers below. And anything else you care to share.

    I have a copy of what is purportedly the Gorman family crest. I doubt it, but I’ll dig it up and look at the meaning.

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