Welcome Visitors! 100! Paint! Quote!

For awhile now this blog has existed in two planes, the much older, self-hosted wordpress.org version and of late the wordpress.com version. I’d had a .com account for a long time mainly so I could answer questions about it by getting into the nuts and bolts of the settings but frankly I didn’t use it. Then one day I discovered that I could, through the magic of a plug in on the .org side, mirror all my posts to the .com side. Well why not? There was a little learning curve along the way and I really should get over there and get a better layout going etc but it’s been fine.

The best part of all this is that I have followers on the dot com side! Over time the number has gone up slow and steady and yesterday I got notice that Candace M. Bisram, over at pocket full of smiles and 99 others were following my blog. Thank you Candace for being number one hundred and giving me a little geek moment!

Hope you’re enjoying the posts, whether it’s on quiltr.com or mbquilts.wordpress.com. As always, I enjoy your comments when you’ve got ’em!

Just for some color, here’s a quick painting I did inspired by one of John Constable’s. I used the Canson paper (did better this time) and focused on blending the colors on the paper and mostly using my biggest round brush. Hey, that paper is 12 x 18 so it’s a lot of ground to cover. The paint did some interesting mineralizing effects in the sky where the ultramarine and indigo met the burnt sienna.

after constable

Turns out the paper is a smidge bigger than my oversized scanner – what’s a painter to do?

And a quote from the quote box, because why not?

You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. — Aristotle

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2 Responses to Welcome Visitors! 100! Paint! Quote!

  1. Marge Hurst says:

    Take a photo of course. That’s what I have been doing since the old scanner and the newish Mac won’t talk. I have bought a new scanner/printer/copier but haven’t tried it yet. It’s NOT oversized!

    • Mary Beth Frezon says:

      Thankfully it only trimmed a sliver off each side so I’m good with it. I’m behind in my scanning so most of what I’ve been posting have been hand held photos. Im trying to replenish the supply of postcards for August so scanning is the way to go.

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