Weird Memories Found

I have a weird childhood memory of going on a picnic with the Frezon grandparents and, no doubt, Aunt Marie and that we were in dark woods and at, not a stream, but a spillway. And over the years I’ve told myself that it was along the Black River which is up in Rensselaer County.

Today I didn’t explore all of Black River Road (although I did later go down, and by down I mean steeply down and often at right angle turns a road called Toad Point Road (aka County 88) which magically dumped me onto rte 22) but I did drive up to Cherry Plains State Park and voila, there was a spillway. It wasn’t so dark although if we walked into a bit of woods I think it would have been dark enough to remember.

11 July 2017 Cherry Plains, Hand Hollow

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2 Responses to Weird Memories Found

  1. Mom Betty Frezon says:

    Were you alone with them? I know I have been that way but do not remember that trip.

    • Mary Beth Frezon says:

      I honestly don’t remember. The whole thing is just a scene or two in my head

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