Molly and the Kittens

There was a lot of hissing yesterday. Molly had retreated to the kitchen and stayed there since Friday night. Yesterday, I successfully barricaded her into the kitchen for a little while. Then I reversed it and put the kittens in the bathroom by themselves with the door closed for a few hours. Molly came right out and enjoyed the sun and spent time with me getting lots of ear rubs and skritches. Then I heard the thump-thump-thump of little paws coming down the stairs. They’d escaped again!

Molly came within about 4 feet of them, fiercely hissing (not an aggression sort of thing more like a “I’m big I might hurt you stay away!” sort of device) and allowing me to still pet her. Then she headed back to the kitchen. The kits got scooped up and put back in the bathroom for a little longer and then released. There is still awhile of hissing yet to do but I think we’re on the road to successful integration.

And the cat cam shows Molly out and around today:

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  1. Audrey Gorman says:

    Yes! Progress!

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