The Hard Work of New Paint

Oh the toil and angst and hard work of it all: the picking and obtaining of new colors.

I usually mix my real darks as I need them. Lighter greys can be had but I felt I needed a grey or two for mixing with other colors but sometimes as, what they call, convenience colors. To me blacks and greys are pretty much up there with primaries but it’s not like I have black or white on my palette.

In any case, some might say I over indulged but this was my haul from Arlene’s the other day. And a big kudos to the young woman who excitedly looked over my choices as she rang me out and then demonstrated just how cool the pencil sharpener was that I was buying. It made me feel part of the tribe. Thank you!

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One Response to The Hard Work of New Paint

  1. Audrey Gorman says:

    Nice haul! Looking forward to seeing their little nuances in the future!

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