Two weeks and growing and adventuring

Well they’re actually two and a half months old but they have sure grown since they moved in. They are sweet and adorable and cute as all get out which is good because they’re into EVERYThing. They leap tall buildings in a single bound. They’ve learned how to drink out of a faucet. They are kissing up to Molly who seems to regard them with interest and occasionally sniffs them. They find things, they collapse in little kitten piles of sleep and then they do it all again.

They’ll be having a little adventure with Molly starting tomorrow. Watch this space to find out more. Also check out the links at the top of the column to the right of here.

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2 Responses to Two weeks and growing and adventuring

  1. Audrey Gorman says:

    Kitteh pile will move a little ways. It will get to know the Human’s Mother. Have met it, ah, her, before but may not remember. The continuing adventures of Harry and Ginny are commencing!!

  2. Mom Betty Frezon says:

    We are doing great. Everyone sleeping again. As cute as buttons. Comical and inventive. Can be everywhere at once. I met Sue, Jennifer and Lark for lunch. Lurk was a very grown up little one. We shared a pickle. She did her little things was so polite and charming.

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