Saturday at the NZ Quilt Symposium

There was the merchant mall. I test drove some new Berninas and found out I could still machine quilt pretty darn well. Then I looked at a lot of quilts, in several locations around Christchurch and chatted up some of my fellow travelers. The quilts were very interesting overall and the winners much nicer in person than they’d been on the big screen during the awards presentation.

I walked home from the main venue. It was chilly and rainy. I was glad to think of a hot cup of tea in our room and was thrilled when the Egyptian Kebab shop across from the hotel was open for business! Lamb kebab for takeaway please. Ridiculously messy even with a fork.

Tonight was the big evening event – Carnival! Folks had brought all kinds of dress suitable for the occasion. There were food trucks with a variety of choices for both main course and dessert and bars with wine and beverages. Soon everyone was urged to sit down as the show was about to begin.

What a show it was. The troupe put on feats of amazing agility and daring and there was a lot of audience participation by way of clapping and cheering and two men from the audience got brought up on stage to assist with acts.

All in all a wonderful evening.

PS some of these photos I took of lights in a dark room I intentionally moved the camera to get some cool effects. I only had one glass of wine!

Test drives achieved.

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