AIDS Awareness Day 2011

The AIDS Quilt/Names Project carries on, remembering those who died from AIDS. The number of panels grows, perhaps not at the same rate it once did, but the whole collection shows no sign of becoming a memory itself.

Weighing 54 tons and composed of more than 47,000 panels dedicated to more than 90,000 individuals, The AIDS Memorial Quilt is the premier symbol of the AIDS pandemic, our greatest HIV prevention education tool and the largest ongoing piece of community folk art in the world.

Speak the truth about AIDS, be safe and remember.

The block above contains the panel (bottom left) that two co-workers and I made to honor the memory of our friend and co-worker Rudy.

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One Response to AIDS Awareness Day 2011

  1. mom says:

    Yes we should all remember people we know or knew who suffered through this. I remember your efforts put into this block to honor Rudy. It so represents him. Rest in peace.

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